Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Acciedent and traumatic parents...

3 months of flaunting of bike in college now it was "high speed " phase .late to tuition classes made me a professional biker on Cant roads of the army area.with 80 km/h through the sleek cant road the sound 'dug dug' loud enough to b heard by people living in d residential areas nearby .than came the unexpected part a army cook on bicycle carrying vegetables right in middle of the sleek road ,mayb the guy was dumb unlike others who could hear awesome dug dug .i tried my best to stop my bike but it seemed my bike was angry as some vegetable guy was trying to b an obstacle in its path so it was a hit n the bycycle guy was all over the road now hauling .i too lost my balance but not senses so there was no hauling .the guy was from army n it was cant area so i was bit less confidant about the traffic rules .than came army people hopefully one of dem was a known he came across to ask me whether m fine now i was really good with situation with one army guy by my side i was in power again .10 minutes of intense bullshit it was all in my favor n i left d place walking,Yes Walking ! headlight ,gear pedal n silencer were all damaged n scratches were d worst.
Reaching Home was not really a delight it started with where is d bike n ended with "amateur driving"
but my brother tool the control from there ,these are the situations when u need ur elder brother .so it took 17 days to get it all repaired .these 17 days were not a delight ,from a royal enfield to old shabby scooter to tuition classes was like losing all money in a gamble.after 17 days it was all back n it was less dug dug in cant area since den........


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