Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The fight .....

Punjab n fights  for the self esteem are normal and if its a school in which u are the one blessed with a great rare bike 'u r in trouble'.
This one started with ego in it.everyone has issues i too had them n i too had rivalry fights .Rivalry fights for everything .
this time it was big it involved many big ppl who passed out school 10years back.it all started with staring
,trust me on this staring for Punjabis is like bullet fired drom gun which misses its target .there were 2 ppl staring when i was with a friend on my bike leaving the school premises for some coffee shop.the constant staring irritated me in a way ,irriating enough to go and ask what was the matter.the moment i asked the guy what was he staring for ,there came a rough reply "my eyes".i left the place as people around me do not wamt me to fight for such .den the next 3 days it was same staring ,this time it was not me who came across to ask the matter .it was the other guy but the reply wasnt same "i found ur freaking face as it was in russel peters jokes last night so i was confirming den cam e two more people to ask for d same but dey forgot it was d place where i studied for my life.the moment people gathered there were 11 of us n 3 of them so the rouh talks led to a fight which ended "next day the same place" this time i was all confidant about it nut all confidence evaporated when i saw about 40 people waiting for me out side .what was i supposed to do fight back ,i thought of it but thoughts ended wen i imagined my self in a hospital .i called my elder brother n he was out of town .than i was out with d friends i had 40;17 is not a good ratio but it gives u balls to talk .it started with "Russel peter had no concert last night i guess? "
i never responded ,den it was talks till than i received a call from my brother who sent his frns to sort the thing off.Just 4 people n i thot it wont make no difference the moment Brad n othe brother's friend landed i was all back in power as everyone was greeting dem as people greeted them in a really good way n when they got to know i was a brother to dem all Russel peter jokes were back to my mind.the guy i stared was all sorry n was all blessed with words from dictionary of swore words.Brad paji asked me to go home now I was completely happy n now i knew what my brother can get me out of.Next day to college on dug dug was a blessing as every girl in d school knew who i was .
{Brad the guy who played a great role in introducing me to traveling ,will be introduced further}


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