Royal Enfeild

1.THE BULLET-the most common amongst royal enfeild riders in India is "THE BULLET".
they say "jab bullet chale tab duniya rasta dey".
 with its many variants in terms of engine and color THE BULLET is India's Harley.This Dug Dug is tough to beat diffrent terrains.

2.THE CLASSIC-with more decent and classic looks Royal Enfield launched this bike to 
give people a Royal Enfeild with chunks of Royality in it.
An over the edge classy colors,dial ,seat n light and a strong twin spark engine
classic rolls over the street n touches hearts.

3.THE THUNDERBIRD-with a sleek soothing engine and good looks
comes this variant.a lil more expensive and porch .
This variant was my child hood dream to travel with .Being a Punjabi
THUNDERBIRD was ever a lightning rod for me.


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